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Open any design annual or check out the award-winning entries in an agency’s portfolio, and you will find gorgeous, full-page, full-color photographs, intricate and beautifully crafted graphics, carefully rendered product shots… and one little teeny tiny eensie weensie blip of copy, usually in the very bottom corner, or carefully inserted in a key portion of the image.
Where has advertising copy gone? The trend in design has gone very much toward graphics-heavy advertising, often with no explanation in actual words. Is this a reflection of our society’s impatience? Lack of quality education? Scarcity of good ad copy writers?
I am inclined to think that it is none of those things. As an avid puzzle-solver, as well as a writer and designer, I find that when I am looking at advertising, the ones that catch my attention the longest are the ads that make me think about them and figure them out. It is very satisfying to me to “discover” the message in a clever ad rather than have it fed to me in a paragraph about features & benefits. I am more likely to feel an affinity toward a brand that entertains me, rather than preaches to me.

In response to Peter Madden’s article on AdAge.

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