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The challenges of parenthood, especially in the early days, often include how to keep one’s profession healthy while also having the time and energy to be a good parent to your kids. For creatives, often this means trying to work from home and fit both lives together into one harmonious blend. One illustrator met such a challenge when her 4-year-old found a new sketchbook and insisted that mother “share.” The result is a genius mix: a level of kookiness that no adult could simulate, with a lovely level of quality from a skilled illustrator.
It’s a good reminder for creative professional parents that sometimes it’s a good thing to let the left hand meet the right.
Illustrator draws faces, lets 4-year-old draw bodies
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Found on Veer today, a blog called Future Trash on which a large number of intricate illustrations are posted, inviting the curious to sit and stare at the bizarre details for way too long. There’s an alphabet neighborhood in which each house is built inside of a letter, each with its own quirks and eccentricities. Also featured is “crash/canal,” a twisted labyrinth of roads filled with all manner of happenings. Oddly, both of these mini-verses seem to be entirely devoid of people, making me wonder if these are visions of a place or time when something went horribly wrong, a la the creepy-looking movie coming out on Friday the 13th in June about the world’s flora poisoning all those bad humans. In any case, these intriguing drawings remind me of exploring Richard Scarry books as a kid or doodling elaborate stick-figure worlds in my Geography notebooks in high school. Fun stuff.

Also, continuing the excellent trend of creating end titles that keep viewers rooted to their seats long after a movie ends, Communication Arts recognizes the gorgeous titles from Enchanted by Yuco. Featuring hand-illustrated imagery composited with 2-D and 3-D elements and lush typography that grows into each scene, the work is entertaining as a stand-alone piece of artwork and joins other such end-title gems as the titles for Lemony Snicket. Good luck navigating the Yuco website, however – the branching lines effect can really get irritating when you’re trying to find something specific.

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