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In a fresh re-imagining of the “please don’t talk during the movie” spot that plays just before the titles come up, Martin Scorsese barges in on a sweet phone call between a little boy and his daddy. It’s clever, hysterical, and WAY better than the annoying “sound effects” one that we usually get, complete with wailing baby that sounds just a tad too real.

Friday Juicy Site Bonus: A blog all about package design. Some of it I’ve seen, some is new, all is gorgeous. The author seems attracted to the crisp, clean graphic design that is cutting through the clutter lately. Bravo! I’ll be adding this blog to my rotation, so expect to see reviews on some of this stuff in the future.

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Cadbury has released a new campaign featuring everyone’s favorite creme egg getting suicidal. Apparently the point is to get to the best part – the “goo” – as quickly as possible. Spots include the little egg shucking its foil wrapper before placing its fragile little body purposely in the path of falling books and meat tenderizers, catapulting itself into a wall using a trash can lid, leaping through an egg slicer, getting drawn and “halved” by a pair of horses, and melting itself in front of a blow dryer.

On the Cadbury website, the poor deranged egg is put through further self-torture behind the door of the “Goo-ology” Research Centre. First the egg throws itself under the knocker as the viewer tries to enter, and then it can be found on a psychologist’s couch while mini versions of itself find ever more creative ways to smash themselves in the background, tidily cleaned up afterward by an egg in an apron with a vacuum. A range of games, quizzes, contests and other “Goo”dies can be found by pulling down the “egg chart” and examining its various mental problems.

I find it all a bit grotesque, though funny – but I’m not sure it does the job of making me want to eat the creme eggs, even though I absolutely love the sticky sugar-bomb. I actually feel a bit sorry for the little egg, I wonder why it wants to end it all (besides the possibility that its life’s only ambition is to be eaten by someone who is more interested in the creme filling than in the chocolate on the outside).

So I wonder about this campaign – is it really a good idea to sell a food product in a way that makes the viewer feel sorry for it? Or will the off-kilter silliness be enough to get people to buy creme eggs for their Easter baskets in droves?

Found on Creativity Online.

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Ok so this isn’t quite fair… it’s not exactly about advertising, and I’m posting it mainly because I am totally addicted to this show. But anyone who has kept up with Lost for the last few years knows that it’s returning at the end of this month. While my significant other is making it a point to avoid all the teaser previews (think fingers in the ears La-La-La kind of avoidance), I am looking for any scrap of news that will give me my Lost fix until the season premiere.

So it’s not exactly cheating if I find one of those scraps on another advertising blog, is it? Earlier this week AdFreak posted an entry about a new promotional game called Find 815. It’s based on a set of characters that are not recognized from the show: a guy who used to work for Oceanic Airlines, and his search for his girlfriend who was a flight attendant on the doomed airplane. Her name is Sonya and I can’t remember if she was one of the survivors or not – but if the writers want to tie in the game to the show, they never hesitate to pull out some random new character and claim that they were extras the whole time. So of course I’m now checking in on this online flash game every day, playing the little puzzles, clicking on pictures and searching for all the little hidden goodies that no doubt someone smarter than me will find a lot quicker.

One clever advertising move – often the game spits you out onto their partner network site (ABC) to play one of the puzzles. Of course this increases traffic to their website and offers a chance to advertise other shows. Not all is lost when entertainment can pull double-duty like that.

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Hema has built a product page on their website that looks exactly like you’d expect a product page to appear. For a moment. Check it out and enjoy the show.

Hema describes itself as “an international retail organization.” So basically, it sells stuff. Cakes seem to be popular items. With this in mind, the fun they have with their product page seems even more genious, even if it does seem to follow the Rube Goldberg approach that has been popular lately (Guinness, Honda). Sometimes a simple thing can say more about your company than the most expensive ad.

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