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vinyl sleeve art

Just a quick post this morning with a fun link I found on Veer this morning – a whole collection of well-posed people merging with vinyl record sleeves. When the body is added, a whole new interpretation comes out of it – or you just realize what a silly pose it was in the first place. Some even, like the one I sampled above, seem to include a bit of social commentary, or could when paired with the right message. 

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Nikon holds an annual contest for photography of very very small things. The results are up for 2007 here. There are some very cool, very alien images in there.

One thing that occurs to me is that this photography contest is open to a pretty specialized group of people – those who have access to high-powered microscopes and work with things like mouse fetuses and marine diatoms. On the other hand, it gives us regular people a glimpse into the fascinating miniature world that scientists see, its detail and its color.

(Found on Veer)

On an unrelated note, update to yesterday’s post about the disappointing discovery that the Sony Bravia “Play-Doh” spot may have been a borrowed idea. Sony issued a statement claiming that “the advert conception, creative and final animation is not based on any pre-existing artwork,” and went on to detail how the concept had started as several different kinds of creatures in an unspecified city, and the location and bunnies idea were finalized later. I hope that’s true, and it’s certainly possible that two creative minds can land on a similar idea with no interaction. However, it appears that there was interaction in this case, since apparently the artwork in question was sent to Passion (the animation company) two years ago. Hmm.

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This may have been around a few times already, but it’s such an interesting idea and has resulted in the most amazing photos, I just had to write about it. The website is called Trash the Dress and it’s a movement of photographers and ex-brides to do the most unusual photo shoots, almost the anti-wedding portrait, without any concern for preserving their gown. The resulting photographs are sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, but almost always incredibly evocative and memorable. I haven’t seen any information about licensing these photos, no doubt they belong to the brides… but what a cool fit that would be for my wedding design company! It’s attitude, it’s beauty, it’s fun… although I do cringe at the thought of those wasted gowns. Maybe this is a good opportunity for dry cleaners to boost their business! A few of my favorites below:
Trash the Dress #1
Trash the Dress #2
Trash the Dress #3
Trash the Dress #4

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