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Joshua Davis artwork
Apple recently did a profile on designer/artist Joshua Davis and his “dynamic abstraction” style. Using a process of collecting shapes from the world around him, writing programs to generate compositions out of the shapes and then generating final output in a variety of media, essentially he creates complex collages of color, symbol and abstraction.
The result is a psychedelic, oddly satisfying piece of graphic artwork. When viewed at close range, the work pulls you in, allowing the viewer to discover fascinating landscapes at each turn of a vector shape. Gradients alongside solids outlined in coloring-book gray borders make for a pleasing world of playful possibilities. Each work is open to interpretation, whether it’s for a BMW ad or a band promotion.
Of course, Apple being the profiler, there is a sizeable section dedicated to Mac worship (which is fine by me – Macs rock), but the glimpse offered into his process is fascinating. Apparently using a combination of vector-based programs including Flash and Illustrator, pulling images and color from Photoshop and dipping into Postscript along the way, his works appear to be totally random but are actually carefully planned and painstakingly refined.
The technology that is used in his process is the stuff I use every day, and yet somehow he is creating Illustrator files with hundreds of thousands of layers, and creating artwork that is so complex, it’s unprintable. The key here is the combining of software, the use of several kinds of technology to create a look that has never been seen before, and to do it with the flair of a talented designer – and finding clients who have the foresight and courage to do something totally different and unique. Bravo.

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Cool new technology

I’m a sucker for gadgets.
Nano Projector from Explay
The world’s smallest projector, still in development. Works great for demoing design comps to clients on the go, or showing off your family vacation photos to your hapless victims – I mean friends – anywhere you go. Pretty cool.

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